A Fast, Searchable Freeview TV Guide

In the May 2022 Remote Hack I made some finishing touches to my latest side project: a lightweight web app that lets you browse and search the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide. It lives at https://tvguide.dpope.uk.

  1. Current solutions
    1. EPGs on TV
    2. Websites
  2. Initial hacks
  3. Collecting EPG data myself
    1. Equipment
    2. Software
    3. Architecture
    4. Server side
  4. Tada!

TV guides are rubbish. No matter what device you’re using, the programme guide will either be slow, buggy, useless, full of unnecessary data, not filled with enough data, plagued with advertising or a combination of all of the above. I can’t say I’ve solved all of those problems with my web app, but I’ve given it a good try.

Quite often I’ll hear about a new TV show from social media (and by “TV”, I mean the one that you need an aerial to watch – not an Internet connection). I might watch an old episode on whichever VOD app it’s on, but it’s sometimes a pain to work out when the next episode airs on TV. So when I go to a TV Guide app, the question I have is “When is the next episode of X?” — and it’s often surprisingly difficult to find the answer.

But now I’ve made it easier.

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