Goodbye Tumblr!

Back in January, I made a Tumblr account to provide healthy procrastination from revision. At the time I didn’t have many ideas as to what to post on it, apart from a few pictures of things I had drawn on the whiteboards in the lab.

Today, I still don’t have any more ideas. I got rid of most of the old posts, but I’ve kept the account open with the thought that maybe I’ll use it to showcase my photography. It’s taken a while, but I now understand the point of Twitter so my Tumblr use has dropped.

You can still follow my Tumblr page, but don’t expect anything new on it in the near future!

Hello Tumblr!

Tumblr offered some great procrastination from revision, then I made an account and uploaded photos of stuff I drew on whiteboards.

Again, this is just another network that I will probably ignore after a few days, since I have no idea what I want to do with it. At least Tumblr makes more sense to me than Twitter does.

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