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So this happened the other day:

That’s Edwin, the CEO of feedly, saying my YouFeed site is “brilliant”. He wants to integrate the functionality of YouFeed into feedly mini (the Chrome extension). He said that he was considering making feedly mini open source, to allow developers like me to add our own functionality to make feedly better for everybody.

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YouFeed (AKA a thing that I made on the Internet)

TL;DR: Easily subscribe to YouTube channels and playlists on Feedly by using YouFeed, a little Web app that I made.

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I think I started coding this Web app around exam time of my final year at uni. I just wanted to make something simple that would be really useful to people, and what’s simpler than taking a string of text and returning a slightly bigger string of text?

That’s what YouFeed does.

The problem

Let’s say you’re using YouTube to subscribe to an artist’s channel. When that YouTuber uploads a new video, a link to that video appears on the YouTube homepage. But we might not want to watch that video right now – instead we might want to watch it next week. A week passes and you’ve forgotten about the video because it’s no longer on your YouTube homepage.

Instead, you might want to subscribe to that artist using Feedly.

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Website of the week: Feedly

I’ve said previously that Website Of The Week wasn’t going to be a thing, and I stand by that.

Certain websites produce ‘feeds’. Bands, blogs and comic strips all produce feeds which people can subscribe to using a news aggregator. Every time a website updates, you get a notification. It’s especially useful to get these notifications if the website doesn’t update to a particular schedule, much like my blog. Before now, Google Reader was by far the most popular news aggregator.

If you are a Google Reader user, you’ll be aware that Google is pulling the plug on July 1st. If you’re not aware, where have you been?

You have exactly a week to make the transition from Google Reader to an alternative of your choice, and I’m going to recommend Feedly.

Making the transition to Feedly is simple – you log in with your Google account and it imports your feeds from Google Reader automatically. There’s also a really slick iOS and Android app to go with it, and it also integrates with other applications, such as IFTTT.

Once you’ve signed up to Feedly, here’s a subscription link to get you started 😉

Happy perusing!