Another Pandemic Project

On the 3rd July I announced my latest side project,, that would help people play socially distanced games remotely. The Coronavirus lockdown was eased in the UK the day after. I wish I’d started this project a bit earlier, but better late than never!

The tradition of the Monday night virtual pub quiz with my friends had continued throughout the lockdown, and a few weeks after the first quiz I hosted, it was my turn again.

Back by popular demand, I put together a longer Catchphrase round with a little help from the data collected by my previous side project, It helped me identify the highly rated puzzles so that I could put together an enjoyable round more quickly.

I was going to use for the buzzers again, but some updates to the site changed the behaviour around how players can get frozen/unfrozen, so I thought I should just make my own version instead. How hard could it be?

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