Imojify! (bookmarklet edition)

At one point, when making my Imojify JavaScript library, I decided to make a bookmarklet which turns text into emoji whenever possible.

I mean, we all love emoji right? We use it all the time on social media. So I thought why not try and put it in more places on the Web? I thought I’d demo it to the folks at the most recent JSOxford meetup.

Take BBC News for example. Obviously it would be a bit unprofessional of them to publish content containing emoji. So why not let something else take the text and turn as much of it as possible into emoji at the click of a button?


Photo by Henry Blyth

The Show and Tell session at JSOxford allowed anyone to share a personal project they’ve worked on in under 3 minutes. It was a brilliant idea that I hope will be kept for future meetups since I’ve got many more things to share!

If you feel the need to actually use my bookmarklet, you can install it from Due to the nature of bookmarklets, it can’t work on mobile devices.

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