Last week I went to London with a few of my flatmates from first year. It was Halloween and we wanted to do something a little different. The first thing we did was visit the ‘yellowbluepink‘ installation at the Wellcome Collection, right next to Euston station.

It was a fairly large room filled with dense fog, lit in 3 colours. When we entered, the fog was thick but you could see the floor, ceiling and people from around 5m away.

Then, just as we were ready to leave, the fog machine turned on, and we stayed a while longer.


That’s Maria, at an arm’s length away from me. Can’t you tell?

At that density, you couldn’t navigate the room using sight anymore. There was no floor, no ceiling. You couldn’t see your own feet. The walls were only perceivable after they hit you in the face. Twice.

I liked how your eyes get accustomed to colour. If you stayed in the blue area for a while, the blue felt less intense. Then if you wander to the pink area, the pink is incredibly vibrant. When your eyes get used to the pink, you go back to the blue and think it was never that intense before.

The next morning, most of the UK was covered in fog. Maybe someone left the door open?

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