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I interrupt this extended period of non-blogging-ness to bring you news that isn’t interesting to anyone.

I’m not exactly what you would call a health freak. Since moving back to Bath to start my job I’ve been thinking “I should join a badminton club” or “I should join the gym”, but in 4 months that still hasn’t happened. As far as exercise goes, I walk to work every day – half an hour there, half an hour back – and that’s pretty much it.

I hate running. Sometimes I’ll try jogging to the Co-op (it’s literally just at the end of my road) but I always get so out of breath it put me off trying anything more strenuous.

But yesterday, the oddest thing happened. I woke up and thought “I should go for a run”. But it was a bit rainy that morning so I didn’t bother.

Then this morning, the weather was calm and bright, and I saw this tweet.

That tweet actually inspired me to put on my sports kit and (for the first time ever) leave the house with the sole intent of arriving back a few minutes later with an increased heart rate.


And I did what the tweet said – I went on an incredibly short 1km run, but not quite as short as the one in Run Fatboy Run.

Turns out 1km isn’t very far at all, but I was still breathless at the end. Not quite a half marathon just yet, but maybe one day I’ll enter one!

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