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So this happened the other day:

That’s Edwin, the CEO of feedly, saying my YouFeed site is “brilliant”. He wants to integrate the functionality of YouFeed into feedly mini (the Chrome extension). He said that he was considering making feedly mini open source, to allow developers like me to add our own functionality to make feedly better for everybody.

So that was pretty cool.

Also, a bloke in Russia called Konstantin wrote a blog about YouFeed! It’s in Russian but I’m putting it here anyway.

In other news, I’ve updated the site to use JavaScript instead of server-side C# methods (which in English means “it’s quicker”), it’s now open source and I’ve figured out how to prompt users of the old bookmarklet to upgrade.

Finally, I went and registered a domain. I got a bit tired of having to use whenever I talk about YouFeed. Just yesterday I put it on GitHub pages too, but still isn’t that memorable. I tried .com and .net, but they were taken, and a .io domain is rather expensive.

So now, say hello to! Yes, it’s just a redirect to the GitHub page, but at least this address is easier to remember.

Please say hello because it doesn’t have a hit counter or anything.

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