YouFeed (AKA a thing that I made on the Internet)

TL;DR: Easily subscribe to YouTube channels and playlists on Feedly by using YouFeed, a little Web app that I made.

YouFeed screenshot

I think I started coding this Web app around exam time of my final year at uni. I just wanted to make something simple that would be really useful to people, and what’s simpler than taking a string of text and returning a slightly bigger string of text?

That’s what YouFeed does.

The problem

Let’s say you’re using YouTube to subscribe to an artist’s channel. When that YouTuber uploads a new video, a link to that video appears on the YouTube homepage. But we might not want to watch that video right now – instead we might want to watch it next week. A week passes and you’ve forgotten about the video because it’s no longer on your YouTube homepage.

Instead, you might want to subscribe to that artist using Feedly.

“What’s Feedly?” I hear you ask. It’s a Web service that allows you to follow blogs (like my one), webcomics, YouTubers, news sites, anything with an RSS feed, all from one place. It’s easily my favourite thing on the Internet right now. I wrote a blog post a while ago with more information.

Why I use Feedly

When you subscribe to a YouTuber using Feedly, their new videos stay in your feed until you actually watch them. It means you’re less likely to miss a video. Personally I prefer the design of Feedly – it puts content first, rather than adverts.

Adding a YouTuber to Feedly can be simple enough. Just paste the channel link into the search box and it might open the feed, but less popular artists don’t tend to appear in the results.

If you want, you can subscribe to just a YouTube playlist rather than a whole channel. The BBC uploads many videos per day to their YouTube channel, but let’s say I only care about Sherlock trailers. Luckily they place everything related to Sherlock in its own playlist. You can’t subscribe to a playlist in YouTube, but every playlist has its own RSS feed that you can subscribe to on Feedly – it’s just not well publicised.

My solution

Now (finally), this is where YouFeed comes in. All it does is take the web address of a YouTube channel or playlist, then it opens the right feed in Feedly so that you can subscribe to it. It doesn’t look that good, but at least it’s useful.

I’ve even created a bookmarklet with help from Marcus’ blog so that if you have a YouTube playlist open, you just need to click the button on your bookmark bar and the right page will open up in Feedly. is the address. You can follow site updates here.

You’re welcome, planet Earth.

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