Broaden your musical horizons

If you’ve ever spoken to me, you’ll probably know that I don’t get on well with what people call ‘popular’ music (I would go into specifics, but that’s another blog post entirely). Instead, whenever I listen to the radio, it’s usually tuned to BBC Radio 6 Music.

The songs that play on Radio 6 would be what people call ‘alternative’. On weekdays during work hours you’ll sometimes hear songs that are also played on Radio 1, only without the drum and bass, manufactured bands or songs that I prefer to call ‘horrible noise’. Outside work hours, you’ll find the music becomes more obscure, playing all the other genres that Radio 1, 2 and 3 won’t dare to play. Whether you’ll like it or not depends on what the time is.

One lazy Saturday I happened to tune into The Huey Show (from 10am) and The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show (from 6pm, then hops to Radio 2 at 9pm), and these are now my favourite shows on the station. I get 7 hours a week from these shows, and I’ll always try to listen to them on BBC iPlayer.

Sometimes I run out of music to listen to, then I need to find other sources.

A couple of weeks ago, BBC Click recommended Global Breakfast Radio, a website that plays music from a variety of different radio stations from across the world:

“Somewhere in the world the sun is rising. And where the sun rises there is breakfast radio playing its cheery mix of music, chatter and travel bulletins to get the world to work. Global breakfast radio is a fun idea that lets you tune in to 24 hours of radio that follows the sunrise around the globe.”

When I first hit play on Global Breakfast Radio, it tuned to WWOZ, a station based in New Orleans, specialising in Jazz and Blues. I wouldn’t normally have chosen to listen to that sort of music, but I can now say I am a fan of New Orleans Jazz and I have the music taste of an average 70-something-year-old.

So if you’re looking for something new to listen to, give Global Breakfast Radio a spin. You might well discover your next favourite genre.

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