Fame and fortune (sort of)

2 years after my operation

I’ve learned to not write “the end” now because there’s always going to be something new to write about in the future. That said, this is going to be the last update in a long time.

To mark 2 years since my jaw operation, I had another check-up at the hospital with my orthodontist and my surgeon. While in the waiting room one of the nurses walked past, noticed me and said “Oh hi Daniel! We’ve just been reading your blog – we showed it to the trainees this morning.” Way to make my day πŸ™‚

The appointment went well, apart from the fact that they’d lost my medical records. No big deal though since nothing new has happened to me since the last appointment. He said now that 2 years have passed, my teeth aren’t going to drift as much anymore, so I don’t need to wear my retainer every night.

We spent the rest of the appointment talking about this blog only to be interrupted by the nurse taking a mould of my teeth. My surgeon said that even if they paid someone to write a blog about their experience it wouldn’t be half as good as this – I missed out on an opportunity there! He mentioned that some people get put off having the surgery after reading what goes on in the operating theatre, and that this blog should help calm nerves. I really hope it’s done that.

So here we have it: I’ve been discharged from the hospital. I’m free!

Just the other day, I got a letter from the orthodontist to say that they’re writing a book about all the different types of jaw surgery, and my case is going to be a part of it! I’m not going to be involved in the book’s writing which is a shame. Some of their photos of me are going to be featured anonymously, and they’re not even going to link to the blog! However, my face is going to be in a book and that’s pretty cool anyway.

The end…?


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