July is for blogging

I haven’t written much here in a very long time, but then I’ve been pretty busy.

In January, I was playing about with Tumblr in between bursts of revision (and I had a load of exams too);

February was spent taking lectures and working on my dissertation;

March was spent taking lectures, doing coursework and working more on my dissertation;

April was spent taking lectures, doing coursework, panicking with my dissertation then eventually handing it in;

In May, I was revising for and taking perhaps the three most difficult exams ever, followed by a trip to the Lake District;

In June, I did touristy things in Bath, prepared for a technical interview for a graduate job, took the technical interview, got the job, went to Italy with some of my coursemates, and found out I got a 2:1 in my degree!

So now I’m free from university, I’ll actually have time to do things I want to do until my job starts in September.

I’ll be moving back to Oxfordshire in July, where in my huge amount of free time I’ll be learning all the things I didn’t learn at university and I’m going to blog about it all. I’ve booked onto JSOxford’s Summer of Hacks where I’ll learn how to code properly and I’ll start making an actual working web app.

I’ll also some normal things over the summer too.


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