I booked an appointment with my orthodontist after a concern raised by my dentist. He noticed that my left premolars weren’t meeting when I bit together, and seemed to think that they’d drifted an unusually large amount since my braces were taken off. I thought it best to check this over at the hospital, so I phoned up for an appointment.

The appointment was booked for 1:45 on the same day I was planning to move home for Christmas. I decided to book train tickets early that morning so I could then take the bus back home from Oxford to drop off my stuff and still have time to drive to the hospital for the appointment. Later, I thought that was a stupid idea since I didn’t need to bring back too many things, but I had already bought my (non flexible) train tickets. In the end I took the bus to the hospital, arriving 2 hours early (a new record), giving me plenty of time to do some coursework on my laptop in the waiting room.

Much to my disappointment, I was still seen at 1:45. The last time I arrived very early for an appointment, they shuffled me into an earlier slot. I saw my surgeon and raised my concern with him: it turns out that teeth move after braces, even with the retainers. I also pointed out that my nose feels slightly blocked all of the time. It isn’t exactly causing me any trouble, but he said if ever it does, I might need more surgery to fix it. I wasn’t keen on that idea. We also had a bit of a chat – it turns out he, like me, likes listening to Ben Howard and BBC Radio 6. He also enjoys reading this blog and said he’s going to recommend it to his future patients šŸ™‚

So in short, the surgery has left me with a semi-blocked nose, drifting teeth with shorter roots, a receding gum line, and a numb lower-right lip. But on the plus side, I look a lot better than if I hadn’t had my jaw done and I have a decent bite. I definitely don’t regret having the operation (and that isn’t just because my surgeon reads this)!


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