Website of the week: Feedly

I’ve said previously that Website Of The Week wasn’t going to be a thing, and I stand by that.

Certain websites produce ‘feeds’. Bands, blogs and comic strips all produce feeds which people can subscribe to using a news aggregator. Every time a website updates, you get a notification. It’s especially useful to get these notifications if the website doesn’t update to a particular schedule, much like my blog. Before now, Google Reader was by far the most popular news aggregator.

If you are a Google Reader user, you’ll be aware that Google is pulling the plug on July 1st. If you’re not aware, where have you been?

You have exactly a week to make the transition from Google Reader to an alternative of your choice, and I’m going to recommend Feedly.

Making the transition to Feedly is simple – you log in with your Google account and it imports your feeds from Google Reader automatically. There’s also a really slick iOS and Android app to go with it, and it also integrates with other applications, such as IFTTT.

Once you’ve signed up to Feedly, here’s a subscription link to get you started 😉

Happy perusing!


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