I found the bass in Apple earphones

I wear the earphones that came with my iPod at work because of their remarkably fantastic ability of not being able to block any external noise whatsoever. They’re perfect for hearing fire alarms or people walking into the office when I’m listening to Radio 6 Music.

The Apple earphones (I can’t speak for those newfangled EarPods) are also unofficially well known for their lack of bass and the way they seem to repel one’s eardrums, hence constantly falling out of one’s ears. After a couple of years, the rubber surrounds disintegrate, making them even more likely to hop away.

Then one day, I found the bass. And blimey, they hid it pretty well. One day when there were contractors making a lot of noise replacing the fire doors, I tried blocking out the noise by pushing the earphones deeper into my ears. Then I tried rotating them in such a way that it looked like this:

You wouldn’t have thought that you’d be able to hear very much, but you can hear a lot more than when they’re in the normal position.

Unfortunately, they are even more likely to jump out of your ears like this.

Also it looks stupid.


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