Ben Howard 30/11/12

“Ben Howard tickets? Buy or sell Ben Howard tickets!” many a person said once we left Brixton tube station. We could find our way to the O2 just by following the voices.

Once we got there, there was the queue jump line for O2 customers and the long line for the sensible people who had switched to Giffgaff. But apparently, having a phone which loads the O2’s Priority app means we could get in quickly, even if it was on Tesco Mobile. Hell, I’m not complaining!

On entering the venue, I decided to try to take a warm-up photo of the stage to set up my camera properly. I felt rather special as I turned the camera on and the screen said “No SD card inserted”. Realising that my card was in the other camera, I resorted to using my phone and its fantastic ability to take blurry, low res and non-zoomed-in photos. Woop.

Now, I thought an upbeat acoustic gig would be the second least likely type of gig to have a mosh pit (second to a downbeat acoustic gig); naturally I was more than a bit surprised when a circle opened up not too far away from me and a fight broke out during Old Pine. I was more surprised when someone lit up a cigarette, then I was even more surprised when the guy standing only 2 places to the left of me started smoking something that clearly wasn’t tobacco!

But apart from that, it was a great show! The band as a whole put so much energy into the songs, helped by the subwoofer and a bass drum (thank you sound crew). The singing was pitch perfect, which is very hard to come by in live shows these days. Ben is extremely talented (especially since he holds his guitar the wrong way), and should definitely come to Oxford on his next tour and instate me as band member #5 on keyboard, bass vocals and perhaps accordion.



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