X-Rays are Cool

I’ve got my retainers now. I’m still going to write about it, but I’ll do that later. I think this is cooler though.

It took quite a while to get them, but a few months and £30 later (!) I have the X-Rays on a CD.



This was before any braces were put in, and before any teeth were pulled out. You’ll be able to tell at that time, my front and back teeth were meeting fine, but the ones in the middle weren’t. What you can’t really see here is how overcrowded they were. I’m sure they did an X-Ray showing it, but they didn’t give it to me.



After they’d taken the braces off my top teeth, they took this one. Notice the overcrowding in the lower jaw, and the fact that I have 16 teeth there.


Here’s a problem – I can no longer bite my front teeth together.




Obviously this one is with both sets of braces in. Count the lower teeth again – I’ve now got 14. My bite had now become so bad that I couldn’t grip onto the little plastic thing with my front teeth (that’s the blurry grey lump in the centre of the image). I moved a little, and this is why it’s slightly blurry.


This was my bite. Damn wisdom teeth, and look, I’ve got two more on the way. Woop.


x-ray after bimaxillary osteotomy

This was taken the day after the operation. I can just about feel the titanium plates in the lower jaw. I’m also slightly concerned at how short the roots on the front lower teeth have got (compare it with pic #2). But hey, that’s what dentures are for, I guess. They didn’t do a side profile that time, apparently it wasn’t necessary.

But the main point to take away from here – look at how awesome my bite is now!


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