The See-How-Much-You-Look-Like-Michael-Cera Challenge

After reading all those blog posts about my surgery, one of my friends pointed out that I now look like Michael Cera on his blog. Now after seeing Scott Pilgrim the first time, I thought I looked a bit like him, even before my surgery. However, my flatmates thought otherwise. Now my jawline looks more Cera-esque, I thought I should try to look even more like him, simply because it would be funny.

Then it actually happened.

I was on the train last weekend when a couple of girls sat nearby. Part way through the journey they looked over at me and started giggling. We had a very quick chat before they left saying “Bye Scott”. Now maybe they forgot my name and were just guessing (I’d forgotten theirs already), or maybe I do indeed look like Scott Pilgrim. I prefer the latter idea, because that would be awesome.

End of strange pointless post.

Upon further thought, it seems that it is only this particular picture that looks freakishly like me. I don’t see my face in any other pictures…


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