Bachalpsee, Grindelwald, Switzerland, Schreckhorn

This is one of my favourite places I have travelled to so far. It’s in Switzerland, in the Bernese Oberland region. There’s a map for you to pan around.

My family were on holiday in Wengen, a town nearby, in the summer of 2008. Bachalpsee is quite a trek, you’ve got to travel a fair way by cable car, then follow a well trodden path. There are actually two small lakes there. I can’t remember the name of the other one, but Bachalpsee is the smaller one with the view of the Schreckhorn. That, coupled with the soft ringing of the nearby cowbells, makes it a very relaxing place to rest, definitely worth the walk there!

I used this photo as a basis for my GCSE Art exam. The idea was to paint something in an impressionist style. My research was good, but the final painting wasn’t in any particular style, and I got a D overall. Although it technically wasn’t impressionist, I still liked it. After the exam I asked when I could get my painting back, and they said I’d get it at the end of the year.

So at the end of the year I tried collecting the painting along with the other stuff I had made over the past 2 years, but it wasn’t there. After enquiring, it turned out my painting was in an exhibition for the school’s other building across town. I never saw that painting again.

Maybe one day I’ll try to paint it again.


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