Nearly there..?

4 months after the operation

Well, I’m back from the Alps now (and have been for quite some time). Unfortunately that insurance premium I paid just went into the company’s pocket, but if I hadn’t paid, the rock that punched me in the face would have hit the fracture rather than my cheek, or the baguettes I had for lunch would have destroyed the blocks on my braces, or something.

It’s been ages since I wrote about my jaw, but that’s because nothing much has happened.

The twinge that I had disappeared before Friday’s appointment. Also I’m starting to get feeling back in the lip that was completely numb. It feels “weird”, like pins and needles, much like my upper right was feeling many weeks ago. This is a positive sign meaning normal feeling will return soon, I hope.

It turns out I made a good choice taking the elastics out when I did. In fact I should have taken them out sooner because I now have a new wire pushing one tooth back in a bit, resulting in more pain.

I’ve got a different configuration of elastics now to push my lower teeth a little further forward, and my next appointment is in 7 weeks time. After only one day of having them in, I feel they’ve moved enough so that I’m happy with them, so I’ve already taken them out.

That’s all for now.


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