DP in the Alps: Part 6

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Part 6: The end

Day 16
Four hours later, I was definitely still drunk but it was surprisingly easy to get up and packing. My tent was quick to go down, the others followed suit. Everything was packed and we left the campsite by 8:15. So quickly in fact, that I didn’t even take a photo. I got the camera out on the journey back to Calais though.

I didn’t envy Gail on the drive back. Low sun coupled with wet road – not good.

It was about 11:30pm when we got to the same motel as 2 weeks earlier. This time I was sharing a 3 person room with 6 other people. The floor was not comfortable.

Day 17
After a couple more hours of sleep, we got back on the road and onto the ferry. The journey was wobbly, but no one felt sick (that I noticed), I was enjoying trying to stand on one leg on the deck. Once we were driving on the left again, Rachel, Kelvin and Josh were dropped off along the way. We arrived in Bath in the early afternoon, unpacked the things, had showers and ate pies at the Raven in the evening. WOOP THE END HOORAY.

I went on this trip to try something new. Having not done any white water at all, I wasn’t expecting to be great at it. It’s true, I wasn’t. Even with the most stable boat there I fell in too many times. But hey, I had a lot of fun. Thanks to the leaders for rescuing me! I actually tried 2 new things that trip – Via Ferrata was completely new as well. I think I enjoyed that day more than the actual kayaking, mainly because I wasn’t upside down nearly drowning on occasions. The rest of the time when I was the right way up in the boat was great though! It was worth going just for the sunshine, and I have some interesting tan lines to prove it. What a fantastic 2 weeks that was!


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