The cake is not a lie

Random thing #1

The family visited me on Sunday and mum brought a cake. Known by the family as a ‘Loaded Chocolate Cake’, the actual recipe behind it is unknown, mainly because I haven’t asked her. It is made up of chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate buttons, Maltesers, Aero Bubbles and an orange-zesty surprise! Minor variations of the cake keep appearing for birthdays and other family occasions, and I never get bored of it. It’s just too delicious 😀

Thanks mum for yet another wonderful cake!

And to everyone else, don’t ask me for any cake – none of it remains.

 Mum's Loaded Chocolate Cake

Fun fact – this photo isn’t of last week’s cake, but just another variation for dad’s birthday. It appears to have Revels on it instead of Aero bubbles. Last week’s one was devoured too quickly for me to take a photo of it.

Related: play Portal. Then play Portal 2. They’re both brilliant.

Random thing #2

Since everyone’s finished uni now, many people are leaving sometime next week. My birthday’s over the summer, so my housemates decided to celebrate my fake birthday yesterday. They gave me a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle of various characters from the Simpsons. SO MANY PIECES!

Simpsons 750 piece jigsaw puzzle

If I don’t finish tonight, they said they’ll insert the pieces into my ears – what a horrifying thought.

I’d better get cracking.


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