Further minor observations

7 weeks after the operation

I woke up one morning, after yet another night with the elastics in. On biting together, it felt like the elastics have pulled some of the teeth up too far. Now they are the only firm contact point. I’m no orthodontist, but I reckon if I keep that band in for the 2 months until my next appointment, they’re going to do more damage than good. So for a few days I’ve decided not to wear the band on my left side, in order to let the right side catch up.

I’ve now decided that I can open my mouth wide enough for me to not complain about it, so I’ll stop there.

The swelling has completely gone from my cheeks as well. It doesn’t seem quite right around the back teeth, but again, that’s nothing to complain about either.

My lip is still numb at the lower-right, but everywhere else feels fine. I’ve also noticed that when I chew, there is sometimes a bit of a twinge in the bone around that area. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad twinge, so I’m going to see how it develops.

When I went home last Wednesday, I astonished my brother by tearing a lettuce leaf with my teeth. It was great fun, since I hadn’t been able to do that since the braces were put in.


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