Spontaneous Music: Ben Howard

A few months ago, a couple of my friends said I should have a listen to Ben Howard’s music. I don’t know why I didn’t have a listen at the time, but that’s not important right now.

Anyway, Ben Howard was on Radio 1’s Live Lounge last week. That’s when I remembered I was told to listen to his music. After a unique cover of ‘Call Me Maybe’ and live rendition of his own ‘Only Love’, I was sold. I bought his album ‘Every Kingdom’ that day, and it’s brilliant.

The next day I checked his website, where it turns out he’d just announced another gig in London in November. So I decided I’d get a bunch of friends together to go to it. I bought the tickets 2 days later.

Now I don’t part with money easily (unless I’m intoxicated), but this bloke from Devon has some simply brilliant songs. It takes true talent to be able to get someone who first listens to your album to then buy tickets for your gig within a week. Good job Ben – I’m sure my wallet will learn to thank you in time.

He was also on Jools Holland on Tuesday:

I am properly excited, I can’t wait for November!



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