I’ve ‘officially’ recovered! (and jaw post #10)

6 weeks after the operation

I didn’t realise at the time, but yesterday was 6 weeks after my operation – the official time the doctors said it would take my bones to recover. Also, yesterday was the first day I had real pizza (I say ‘real’ because the cheesy bread that was Adel’s takeaway which I had last Wednesday doesn’t count). Yesterday’s one from Parade Bar on campus was chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, and it was amazing! What’s more, I had no difficulty with the crust. I should have had a photo taken with my pizza to mark the moment…

524431_10150829640492945_609162944_9758846_1271971841_nSo instead, here’s me at TGI’s this afternoon. This was my first proper restaurant outing since the operation. And yes, that is me using my telekinetic ability to lift the straw from the glass of Coke. There definitely weren’t any bubbles aiding the process or anything.



Sophie seems jealous of how quickly I’m recovering. She had the same operation back in the summer of 2009 but it didn’t go as smoothly as mine. I’d have hated going in for a second operation, but that’s what she had to do. 6 weeks after her operation, she wasn’t able to eat nearly half of what I’m eating now, and her swelling took about 6 months to disappear. It just goes to show that complications can arise and recovery times vary drastically.

I’m so pleased that my operation went so well. The swelling has practically gone already and I’m eating everything I used to eat (albeit with slight difficulty) at 6 weeks. I’m not aching anywhere anymore and it’s just by bottom lip which still has very little sensation. Other than that though, I’m just thankful for the bourbons that lie within my stomach right now 😀



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