No more milkshake :(

5 weeks after the operation

That’s it. I’m all out. But hey, at least I’m eating normal food now, so I don’t need them anyway.

I found a website where I could buy them, but at £3 each I think now might be a good time to kick the habit and go cold turkey instead. So it turns out I managed to scam the hospital out of £210 for 2 weeks worth of milkshakes (which I stretched to 5), which I’m only going to have to pay back in National Insurance next year. 

OUCH! Yay?

IMG_5627Speaking of food, I can pretty much chew now. I went to Woolacombe with the kayakers over the weekend and I had burgers and waffles and custard creams and Boost cake bars. Yeah, healthy, I know. I bit my lip several times with those cake bars, which made it swell a little, consequently making it easier to bite. More importantly though, I BIT MY LIP! I hadn’t bitten my lip since the braces pulled my teeth apart… I still haven’t bitten my tongue yet, which I guess is good news.

“You have lasagne on your lip.”

Once we got back from Woolacombe, some of us teamed up to cook lasagne for 20. It was out of the oven and a portion was on my plate. Now, I thought my face was still a bit numb, but as the piping hot lasagne touched my mouth, I can say I felt that. I still can’t feel a thing in the bottom right, so I still can’t tell if there’s food stuck there. Do keep telling me, it’s not my fault!

Bad day

Bank holiday Monday – a stress free day of relaxation, away from work and, stress. Isn’t it?

I did just that. Only a little too much, with not enough common sense. Firstly, after unpacking my stuff from Woolacombe, I thought I’d put everything in the washing machine – including my fleece, which had my headphones in >_< They sound mushy, but at least they’re clean now.

Secondly, the laundrette is closed on bank holidays, so I had no way of drying my laundry in Bath for two days. Since I was going home that day, I thought it would be a good idea to take it with me.

Thirdly, I was relaxing a little too much. The light sky made me forget that I was supposed to be on a train in 20 minutes, and it’s a 25 minute walk to the station. Perhaps a bus could save me? Getting to the bus stop, I read the buses leave every half hour on bank holidays and the previous one had left 5 minutes before I got there. I arrived at the platform, hot and flustered with a bag of wet laundry on my back, just to see my train locked and pulling away >:-@ So I had to wait an hour for the next one, with a now invalid ticket and the hope that the inspector didn’t notice the time on it.

Thankfully (for a change), my ticket wasn’t checked, so my day could have been worse.

“I like your red hoodie. It goes well with your face.”

That was the first thing my brother said as I walked through the door. Yes, I caught the sun in Woolacombe, and no, it’s not burned – just a little red. And yes, I am a muppet for not bringing sunscreen to the beach, but when has it ever been sunny on a beach in England? Stop rubbing it in Ellie =P

“Well my face feels a little sore today, but I don’t think that’s because of the operation.”

I had another follow-up appointment today. In the waiting room I met a mother whose child was having his first appointment with the orthodontic clinic. I haven’t ever talked to anyone else in the waiting room before, so this was a new experience for me, but it was nice to talk about the surgery and what they should expect. The mother seemed to think that what I was saying was helpful, so that felt good. In my appointment itself though, my orthodontist looked at my teeth and said words to the effect of “They’re looking pretty good. Keep wearing the elastics and I’ll see you in 8 weeks time.”

And that was it.


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