Elastic #2

4 weeks after the operation

Good news everyone! The stiffness in my jaw is going away, I can open my mouth wider each day, and it’s apparently not because the surgeon stitched it up in the wrong place!

Round 1 of elastics did their job, I now have a new arrangement which aims to pull a few teeth in my lower jaw up a little to meet with the others properly. I now have a flexible wire in my lower jaw to allow for this movement and one of the blocks on my brace has been fitted with a ‘Kobayashi’, that is a wire hook, just another anchor point for the elastics.

Also, I ate a sandwich 😀 Albeit it was only an egg and cress sandwich, but it was still a sandwich, with slightly chewy bread. It was a little bit difficult to open my mouth wide enough to accommodate the bread, but I ate it. And it was brilliant.

Side note: Avengers Assemble beats the sandwich hands down.

Next post will be sometime after my next appointment on the 8th, unless something absolutely incredible happens in the meantime.


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