So now I’m craving the milkshakes.

3 weeks after the operation

Short post – I don’t have much to write this time.

Now that I’m eating a (more or less) balanced diet, I appear to have developed a sort of dependency to those milkshakes… This can’t be good. I’m not having the advised 4 a day anymore, just one at breakfast and sometimes another in the afternoon/evening. But still, there exists some amount of craving.

Another thing I got used to was the warmth of my parents’ house. Now I’m back in Bath the heating’s never on. I’m currently wrapped in my fleece with my hood up, and I’m just about warm.

Alarmingly, I can’t seem to open my mouth very wide. If my jaws open any wider than the width of my finger, there is a large amount of pain in the right hand side of my mouth. Perhaps the surgeon stitched me back up too tightly on that side? Or perhaps my jaws are sticking together in the healing process. I sure hope not. Either way, that’s going to be queried in my next appointment on Friday.

Now a positive observation: my upper-right lip has gained a tiny amount of sensation! That’s promising, hopefully the lower-right will follow suit soon.


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