My lips are so sore!

12 days after the operation

Have your lips ever been sunburnt? That’s what it feels like right now. Or that feeling the day after you drank that hot chocolate that was much too hot? I’ve got that feeling too. The numb areas are still completely numb, but the areas with sensation are sore.

I had a follow up appointment yesterday. Everything has gone well and I don’t need another operation. There was me thinking they were going to take the elastics off today, but no! The minor complication is that my top teeth are sat ever so slightly to the right of my bottom teeth. That means 3 angled elastic bands, and lots of them, all the time. I have to replace them 3 times a day, and they’ll slowly pull my teeth to the correct position. Sarcastic yaaaaayyy… 😦

In other news, I’m starting to eat soft foods, but it appears I have forgotten how to chew. Sitting on the sofa all day has meant my seat has a pretty impressive groove. I’m also completely off the painkillers which means I can drink alcohol again 😀 Tonight I’m cooking banger fragments and mash.



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