All the gory details (minus all the gory photos)

3 days after the operation

I’m just going to add here, painkillers don’t make good writing aids. I apologise in advance for my poor writing standard.

Sunday 1st April
The leaflet told me to not eat dairy food, but it didn’t say from what point, so we decided not to have any milk, cheese, tea etc. from Sunday. Now normally I’m not much of a cheese person, but as soon as I’m not allowed to have it, I instantly crave it :/
Mum had made shepherd’s pie for dinner, which was amazing, then at about half 10, I had a hot cross bun because I wasn’t going to be able to have one on Good Friday. So that was it. No more food until whenever I can eat food again.

Monday 2nd April (operation day!)
Operation day! I got up nice and early at half 5 -_- I had a shower, got dressed, had a final glass of water, then dad took me to the hospital. I was sat on a bed for a few hours while a nurse prodded me with various instruments to check I was healthy to go under anaesthetic. At this point I wasn’t feeling particularly concerned or anything, I was just too busy craving food I wasn’t allowed to eat. That morning it was bacon.
It must have been about half 10 when I was called in. They made me wear a hospital gown and anti-embolism stockings (the height of fashion), then I was taken away, up a floor onto a pretty comfy bed in what might have been the operating theatre.
They put a drip onto my left arm, which didn’t go in properly! That was the most concerning point of the whole operation. Luckily, when they tried my right arm, it worked this time. A mask was placed on me and the nurse said that this was going to make me feel drowsy. It did. Then she said this next gas would put me to sleep. That also happened.
The next thing I remember is waking up at about 4pm only to have a doctor say “I’m just giving you some more morphine.” That was good. I was wheeled into room 8, to see the family. I couldn’t really do much, but I wasn’t in pain. Once they’d left, I threw up blood. Three times. Eeeeewwww. Nice to have a nurse there to help me out though.
I didn’t sleep much that night, thanks to the snorer in bed 8d. I didn’t complain, since I knew my nose was completely blocked, so I’d probably sound the same if I were asleep. I constantly needed more ice on my face though to reduce the swelling.

Tuesday 3rd April
Not too much happened on Tuesday. I had an appointment at the orthodontist in the morning, where he poked me in the mouth saying “Did you feel that?” Then he fitted elastics to my teeth. I was then taken for an X-ray. Not having much sleep the previous night I was just dosing all day. That was fine by me.
That evening I was given a purée dinner, which although looked like opaque jelly, was completely inedible, since I couldn’t move my mouth. I was instead given some hi-calorie milkshake, which was incredible! 8d was still snoring, so once again I didn’t get much sleep.

Wednesday 4th April
I woke up, was prodded by more doctors, spoke to a dietician who said I should make sure I have 4 milkshakes before I go, then spoke to another doctor who said I could go that afternoon. So with the motivation given to me by 8d, I stocked up on medication and Mum took me home at about 4.
That night the family had pizza (awww) and I had a milkshake. I went to bed at 8, had a relatively great night’s sleep and I can’t be bothered to write any more here.


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